Schedule for Round 7 of Stage 1

Matches are #red vs #blue where ‘#’ is the group number and ‘red’ and ‘blue’ designated match starting sides.

Group Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4
1blue Flipper Boys Unauthentic Gaming Leaves from the Vine 7319 Gang
1red Worm Crow Esports Withdrawn Team 4 Power Puff Girls Withdrawn Team 9
2blue Nativez Obsidian Poo Crew Team_Toxic Blossom Rain Gaming
2red Arrivederci~ Withdrawn Team 3 Team O Wellington Esports
3blue 3 KR 2 OCE Real Lyfe Gaming Agares TeamATY
3red big brains Withdrawn Team 2 Ace Goom
4blue Purples Kittens CoolBoys HNP Esports Laughing Coffins
4red Better Bot Wins Esports Withdrawn Team 1 Eclipsi Naut JFC
5blue Team Pixel The untiltables Slaydis Knock Knock Udyr
5red Team Arirang Discos Dongers Valour LAW
6blue Team Last Minute – TLM Divergence Skykiwi Gaming MDH eSports
6red Afrikka Frikkers Pixel Academy The Black Flame Connect The Four
7blue Purples Kats Team Irish Blue Onishii Reapers
7red ASDFIUYWEHK Scarfies HAMTARO Cabbage Patch Kids
8blue Nativez Esports Sapphire For Evy Nidhogs Joe 2.0
8red Yuung WITHDRAWN TEAM 5 Whangarei gaming The Outsiders
9blue LoL Shifu Too Much Sugar Pawsh Aristocats Team Pixelattéd
9red Joe WITHDRAWN TEAM 6 Echo Knights Lord Meisters
10blue Pengu Pirates Big World Dream Team RainImps Can’t Milk Those
10red MDS Meteors UwUwarriors The White Lotus Anonymous Killers
11blue COINFLIP GAMING CHADS IRL Pandacorns World Eaters
11red Team Kadeem The bois Int Machine Gaming Freelo
12blue Shadownet Code MR.87 Team Ape The Dancing Heralds
12red TriHard 7 Clout Sprouts Withdrawn Team 7 Nativez Esports Amethyst
13blue Team HTC tmS Dong Squad Vehz and friends
13red Backstreet Nuggets Rachas Team Eternity YungMullahBaby
14blue UoA Esports Gold Digne Lampada Tradas Team Castle Vibe Checkers
14red Dinosaur Friendly Bruh Moment Definitely Not Cliche Shin Shin Chan
15blue CHUNKEY LILY Gaming Gamers OSC on the map GUH
15red Shadownet Prime 5MR Frozen River Nigel eSports
16blue UoA Esports Black Arcadius Saquib’s Angels Sammy and the Secret Agents
16red Team Kite Gaming We Fail Exams Cos Of This 🙁 YBW 1NDone
17blue Crimson Elite Solar5 Withdrawn Team 10 Glory
17red The Big Sads Migraine eSports unity – kotahitanga Premium Noots
18blue Team Ultra Instinct Monkeys TeamGates ESO GANG
18red Knowledge For College AB Mainstream KJS TEAM Clutch Nine
19blue Modern Athletes Nativez Esports Brimstone Team of Troll(TOT) Sabini’s Korean team
19red Black Sheep NZ I’M_HUNGRY A-P-E Trail Mix
20blue Peanut Clarity 0/7 Clash Withdrawn Team 8 P2 Esports
20red Tuckshop Lads Tabyrockets Goons Squad Lunar
21blue The Dragonflyz Flaccid Asian Smol Boiz Aunties INC
21red Phoenix Free 2 Plays John Wrot Greasy Grundle Gamble
22blue Vesa Prime Nerds Failed Four DirtyDudz
22red Club Dragon Weeb Gang UWU Ocean Side The Audacities
23blue Flawless Nativez Esports Jade M Block FF@5
23red Meat on Chips Gang Barefoot LS Clan Good Coms
24blue Nativez Esports FreeZone Melvin’s Monkeys Definitely Not Toxic
24red igamer esport errer esports Havoc Gaming Future World Champions